Teeth Filling

Tooth fillings are basically done to fill the cavity in a damaged or decayed tooth. During the procedure of tooth filling, drilling into the cavity is needed to remove the damaged enamel and dentin. After the drilling is completed the cavity is filled by using some tooth filling material.

Filling of teeth is a standard, regular treatment procedure at our Dental Clinic and with different options depending on the extent of the cavity, the tooth being filled up and the patient’s comfort.
There are basically two types of tooth filling materials-

1) Silver filling/Amalgam – It is also known as metal filling, the metal which is used to fill the cavity is a composition of silver, copper, zinc, tin and mercury liquid. This is a traditional method of filling cavities and may be considered unesthetic because of the appearance of metal.

2) Composite Resin/Plastic Dental Filling/Cement Dental Filling – This is a newer tooth filling material and is mostly metal free. Nowadays the composite resin tooth filling is more popular than traditional metal filling because of its appearance, which resembles the natural teeth colour. It is much strong and durable and is a tooth coloured dental filling material.

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