Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the latest and the most talked about advances in dental treatment of present times. They undoubtedly offer the best treatment for problems that were earlier being treated with some sort of compromised treatment options and so they are here to stay for good. Titanium implants serve as the artificial root in the jaw to support crowns and dentures. When teeth are missing in the jaw, fixed artificial teeth can be provided by inserting titanium implants which serve as the tooth or foundation for the teeth. These implants provide very stable support to help restore function and appearance.

At Agarkar’s Orthodontic Centre (AOC), we offer a variety of treatment options with Implants. We believe in the most patient-oriented approach to planning Implants for our patients with esthetics and functionality of the teeth under consideration, at all times. The Dental Implants are placed in our Dental Clinic under local anaesthetia and after a period of healing the artificial teeth are fabricated. Implants are used in combinations with bridges, dentures or crowns to replace any number of missing teeth. Immediately loading implants are also an available option but are case/problem specific.

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